Civil projects

Including building houses, high-rise apartments, office buildings, commercial centers, hotels, resorts...

Industrial projects

Schools, hospitals. , Factories, water supply and sewage works …

This is the main business area and traditional business of GPCONS

GPCONS and its member companies have won many large value projects which require high demands on progress, construction methods and quality of works and have been highly appreciated by investors. With proven experience and proven track record, GPCONS will be a highly competitive construction contractor in the field of construction.

In addition, GPCONS also operates in the fields of trading construction materials, leasing construction machinery, manufacturing wood furniture construction, etc.

Business Development Strategy

Long term - Strong

GPCONS and its affiliates are not only a reputable, experienced construction contractor but also an investor of many real estate business projects; GPCONS, on the one hand, continues to strengthen and develop the traditional construction profession to become a professional, prestigious and experienced construction contractor capable of contracting large projects requiring technical and quality. High art; On the other hand, we continue to develop investment projects on construction of apartment buildings and residential areas.

With the strength of construction, the company continues to carry out investment projects on construction of residential apartments and residential areas invested by the company with the motto “construction field assists the investment field Real estate business “to minimize investment costs and bring the highest economic efficiency.

The goal of the Company is to become one of the leading construction companies in Vietnam, a prestigious and sustainable partner of domestic and foreign construction companies.

Motto activity

Sustainability - Meaning

Because we know that each building has a value for society and for life. Should staff GPCONS staff constantly innovative to create new values ​​and always mindful:

  • For society: Creating value for life
  • With the company: World-class development orientation
  • With partners: Cooperation – Development – Sustainability
  • For the user of the project: Commitment – Prestige – Quality